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Wire-o Book Printing | Wire Bound Book Printing

Image PPM supply professional wire-o book printing service with efficient prices and diverse binding options. We have good skills to make exposed, concealed and semi-concealed wire bound book printing project. 

Exposed Wire Bound Book The exposed wire bound book has separate front  cover and back cover. It can be hardcover book or  paperback book. The cover and text body are punched  separately, collated together and assembled with wire  coil. The wire are silver, copper, gold, white, black and  any other custom colors. 

 If front cover and back cover are in one piece, and the  wire bound with only back cover, thus we call it as semi-  concealed, which is also popular for wire-o binding. Concealed Wire Bound Book 

Concealed wire bound book has the case or cover with one-piece style. The typical factor is the 4 pages end leave glued onto inside of front and back cover. The end leave should be laminated and strong enough to avoid falling off from the case or cover. Both round and square back are available for most wire-o book printing project.

Image PPM will make the mock up and double check if the text, end leave and case fit with each part perfectly. 

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