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Book Printing PDF Artwork Guideline
Updated: 2015-04-23
Tags: Art Book, Book PLUS, Self Publishing

Are you not sure how you should prepare the artwork when you have art book printing in China? As a professional and international book printer, Image PPM offers simple but efficient guidelines (or standards) as below grids for your reference, which include general layout, color setting, font problem, image requirement, OPI and ICC etc. We believe you can get the artwork easily when you follow these standards. Please also do free feel to contact us for further assistant if you still have any problems.

General Layout Standard
 1. Layout Size  The page size of digital files must be final trim size. 
 Digital files supplied must include page number, size and number of colors.
 2. Bleed  3mm to 5mm bleed on all sides.
 3. Unify Whole Page  The Unification contains the location of page number (folio), print area, page header.
 4. Distance Edge  Artwork without bleed needs to be at least 5mm from the trim.  8mm is preferred. 
 5. Trim /Fold Marks   These should be included in the document outside bleed area.
 6. Hairlines & Color  Hairlines must be at least 0.1mm and dot area coverage of color patch must be larger than 5%.
 Color Standard 
 1. Superimposition
 Superimposition is required if there are solid black elements in page containing text, lines or color patch.
 2. Spot Color Setting  Set the color exactly and delete unwanted spot color. 
 3. Color Space  CMYK for whole page. We cannot use LAB or RGB.
Font Standard
 1. Font Embedding  All Fonts must be embedded into pdf files. 
 2. Text Superimposition  The black text must be superimposed. Similarly grey scale text needs to be overprinted.
Image Standard
 1. Image Embedding  All images must be embedded into pdf files. 
 2. Image Color Space  All images should use CMYK mode. 
 3. Image Res
 800dpi for bitmap images to avoid sawtooth.

 300dpi or above is recommended for Grayscale and CMYK images.
 1. OPI  If the files contain OPI graphic links, please use high RES images together. 
 2. ICC  If ICC color space used is different from ours, please delete ICC files or not output your ICC.

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