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Image PPM is one of professional bible printers in China. We provide our clients with excellent bible printing service. Except for regular PLC hardcover and paperback bible, Image PPM also produce other bible and religious books with various book binding materials, including satin cloth and the different kinds of leather.

Pu Leather BibleBond Leather BibleGenuine Leather Bible

Pu leather is a kind of popular binding materials for bible books. It is very easy to treat and available for most all treatments such as blind embossing and foil stamping. Bond leather is a bit expensive and much rigid. Like paper production process, the shredding leather scraps and fiber are ground into pulp and mixed with bonding materials, the pigment and embossing cylinder are also involved to make various colors and textures. Genuine leather is made from animal skins, which is the most expensive but hard to treat too. 

The text body can be gilded or painted to certain colors but the gold and silver are popular.

Image PPM have qualified web-fed press cylinders available for wide-range format bible books.

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