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Canvas Tote

Image PPM offer canvas tote printing services base of details requirement. We are able to supply UV ink offset printing (CMYK), screen printing (PMS) and inkjet printing (Digital).

Perfect sewing is very important to high quality canvas tote printing job. Image PPM have skilled staffs and qualified sewing machines to achieve diverse appearance with good prices. 

Various treatments also make additional value to canvas tote. Including with conventional treatments such as foil stamping, the embroidery can create fantastic performance with combination to sewing process.

UV ink offset printing (CMYK) - Same as regular offset printing process but use UV ink and dry system. It is a good way to duplicate the details but also with high cost and much canvas wastage. Available for big quantity and high color duplication projects. 

Screen printing (PMS) - Available for small quantity and simple color elements. It is a flexible way to print multiple colors. The production cost is efficient as there is much less canvans wastage during making ready process. 

Inkjet printing (Digital) - Digital UV inkjet printing is a way to achieve printing on demand on canvas, PU leather and so on. The process is similar with regular UV ink offset printing but typical digital printing workflow.

Image PPM recommend proper printing method, treatment and sewing process when our clients send us specific requirements.

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