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Custom catalogue printing services in China are provided by Image PPM with excellent color re-production. We have well experiences in duplicating product colors with good consistency. There are also some different designs to distinguish sections. 

Colored Mouth CatalogueColorful Mouth CatalogueAccording to different sections, the designer make different color mouth. As left pictures shown, the color on mouth can be full from header to footer, or just partial to make the steps, so then the right sections can be picked up easily just base of the different colors on mouth. There is another way as below to make color tabs but a bit much expensive. 

Color Tabs Punched

The mouth are designed and printed color firstly also with different words on different color sections meanwhile. After perfect binding, a punch modular created in advance punch the mouth into different tabs. The punch modular is fixed to machine without shift, the catalogue is moved by hand as step program made for specific catalogue printing job. A good packing is important as the mouth is easy to wrap. 

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