Image Printing Packaging Mail Limited

Why Use Us? Because we will save you money and simplify print production.

No Risk. Image PPM is an expansive book printing company with digital, offset and web printing capabilities. Book Printing in China with Image PPM will ensure premium quality at all times. 

We boast an established and significant client base of individuals, designers, agencies, independent publishers and corporate publishers throughout the USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. We have experts to help you with important book printing and publishing decisions like choosing the right local papers, the most economical book size and freight options. Design assistance, file setup, templates and paginations can all be provided. 

Our manufacturing premises are located in Shenzhen, China - the world’s 3rd largest port. Our expertise in distribution ensures deliveries are prompt, reliable and readily sent. 

Image PPM Services

Finishing: Is a crucial aspect in achieving the best result and giving you the edge in design and appeal. Our book printing solutions provide all available styles of the binding PLUS embellishments including a range of UV finishes, foils, glitter, embossing, heat burnishing and other amazing treatments. 

Award Winning
Packing & Distribution: Single or multiple delivery addresses? Image PPM will pack, label and address to minimise your on-forwarding, mailing or distribution costs - or just to impress your client. We also can provide simple to complex fulfilment, carrier sheets, mailing boxes and preparation etc.
Custom: Our handcraft department custom crafts leather and PU diaries, journals, notebooks, planners, compendiums and a limitless range of high quality presentation products. Unique stationery and Point of Sale items with PU leather covers PLUS diverse and amazing enhancements are our specialty.
Point of Sale
Packaging Solution: Both simple card and elaborate packaging on the most substrates. Rigid gift/jewelry boxes, interlocking cartons, self-locking cartons, PU or genuine leather coverings, paper/canvas bags, all styles of corrugated display stands, various kinds of presentation cards, UV inkjet printing displays.
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