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Leather Cover Fantastic leather book covers - offered by Image PPM with amazing treatment and sewing. Regular leather used is PU leather, bonded leather and genuine leather. We can supply foil stamping, blind embossing, screen printing, embroidery and so on, but only PU leather is available for blind embossing or heat burning.   

PU leather is made of top layer polyurethane and base layer non-woven. After polyurethane layer coated, the embossing cylinder with texture is applied onto the surface, so there are diverse textures created. The designer can choose proper texture and color for book covers.

The production process of bonded leather is similar with paper. Shredding leather scraps and fiber are ground into pulp, and then mixed with bonding materials. Pigment is also applied to make different colors when the embossing cylinder is involved to make various texture.

Genuine leather is made from nature animal skins. The shaving process is necessary as genuine leather is too thick for book covers.  

Above three kinds of different leather have different advantage and disadvantage. Image PPM sales can help our clients to pick up right leather base of specific requirements to design, treatment, appearance, sewing, budget and lead-time.

Actual pre-production samples with treatment and sewing also can be supplied before mass production in order to make sure everything exactly same as what we pursue. 

Send us your inquiry now to start with making your leather book covers.

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