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Many potential clients hesitate to look for China magazine printing service cause they do worry about the lead time of production and delivery. But it should be not a problem for dedicated Image PPM team. 

For regular magazine printing job, Image PPM is able to finish the production within one week, plus digital proofs approval process, there should be 10 days or so. We do think it is necessary to approve hard copy digital proofs for some issues firstly printed by us. But later maybe the PDF soft proofs are enough for checking to make approval, so the production lead time can be improved to 7 days or so base of soft PDF proofs approval workflow.

What is more, Image PPM not just print, we can also delivery (single or multiple addresses), pack, label and address etc. Anyway, our goal is to minimize your on-forwarding, mailing or distribution costs, or even just to impress your clients. Meanwhile from simple to complex fulfillment, carrier sheets, posters, promotion flyers, mailing boxes and other preparation materials can be supplied by Image PPM.

Image PPM has flexible production management workflow. We feedback to any specific requirements very soon, happy to work with our clients and develop something novel. 

Image PPM aims to offer one-stop magazine printing service platform in China.

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