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PU leather flexicover binding and PLC hardcover notebook printing in China and Australia, is what Image PPM offer specially. PU leather flexicover can be applied to diverse treatments, and PLC hardcover notebook can be with irregular shapes and flaps like oval and triangle etc, which will make the appearance very interesting. 

After regular art paper is printed and laminated, it is mounted over grey board to make case. During this process, we can embed several pairs of magnets in front cover and flap. After the flap is folded from back cover, the notebook can be enclosed tightly by magnets. The flap shapes also can be irregular like cover. Although there are many details to strength before being finished, Image PPM has the experience and confident of making it perfect. 

PU leather flexicover notebook has the advantages of light weight, high quality and good appearance etc. Blind embossing, foil stamping, silk screen printing, embroidery, amazing sewing driven by handcraft and computer program make whole job amazing. Two round corners are very necessary to make cover durable. The covers with split joint allow to adopt multiple color and texture PU leather, which enhance the design.

PU Leather Cover NotebookPlease do feel free to contact us and try our notebook printing services with kinds of interesting covers. We are happy to send our high quality PU leather sample, and help our clients to finish the design, the mock-up, final treatments and split joint too.

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