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Pop up Book Printing | Children’s Book Printing

Children’s pop up book, or called movable book, covers pop-up, transformation, pull-out, pull-down, flaps and slid etc. Although they perform in the different manners, actually they employ the same technique - paper engineering. The folding is main technique to make these manners, meanwhile the pop-up functions also rely on gluing and die cutting. The stock is bleached card board (C1S) 300gsm/350gsm/400gsm. 

Board BookIncluding pop up book, children's book printing also indicate any books relevant to children's demand. Board binding book is another typical of children's book. The cards are printed, laminated or varnished, creased and then mounted back to back. In some interesting designs, the authors also use some small fancy accessories such as mirror, flock, pearl, cloth, stone and so on. The cover can be made into dust case as regular hardcover book but the text body should be always round corners. 

Obviously the production process of children's pop up book printing requires much more handcraft labors. Actually the quality is mainly decided by the skill of handcraft, and also the key point of quality control workflow. 

Image PPM employ skilled and well trained workers to produce our pop up book printing jobs. We commit high quality, efficient price and importantly the safe of materials to be used.

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