Image Printing Packaging Mail Limited
One-stop book printing and packaging printing services
“Love the Book! I now have a quality product that is selling”. This is what we provide using latest technology and craftsmen skills. Image PPM adds practical applications of correct papers, embellishments, economic sizes, costings, binding styles, packing and distribution.
A quality publication is a CERTAINTY. Image PPM provides important value added services in packaging, packing, labeling and distribution. We underline the importance of quality and provide publishers with a timely product at extremely competitive pricing.
Amazing stationery products with fantastic PU leather covers. Image PPM supply diverse treatments such as blind embossing, foil stamping, joint sewing, embroidery, screen printing and color gilding, so we are able to make your projects unique and creative.
Efficient facility and sufficient capacity for playing cards, canvas totes and leather covers. Experienced handcraft staff work out the excellent light board cartons and rigid board gift boxes. Free support is provided for display stands structure design.
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